Alquimie Edition Two


There are lots of publications that touch, to varying degrees, the subject of drinks, including wine, beer, and spirits. I was recently sent a copy of the second edition of Alquimie (pronounced Alchemy), and I have to say, it’s pretty impressive.

I won’t go into details of the individual pieces within the publication, only to say that it covers a nice range of topics, nearly all of which appealed to me. Interviews, reviews of drinks, food recommendations, Alquimie presents a publication that should appeal to anybody that’s interested in food & drink.

While lots of publications these days opt for glossy pieces of paper and photos, Alquimie favors matte finishing, and while it was unexpected, I think I may actually prefer this to the glossier publications we’re all used to.

Alquimie Review Page
My photography doesn’t do theirs justice

That’s not to say that the images aren’t impressive inside, simply that the matte finishing gives them a unique quality that may be lost in the use of glossy paper.

Whether you’re looking to read over every single line (which I would certainly understand and recommend), or want to thumb through a few individual pieces and then display it on your coffee table (where I plan on my copy living), I definitely recommend picking up a copy (which can be found at and spend some time enjoying this quality publication.

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