2022 El Coto Blanco

Image of a bottle of 2022 El Coto Blanco

Variety:  93% Viura; 4% Sauvignon Blanc; 3% Verdejo
Region: Rioja, Spain
Cost: $12 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: ¬†Crafted predominately from estate-grown Viura grapes, indigenous to Rioja, this refreshing wine is fermented at low temperatures to maximize the fresh, zesty citrus flavors. Pairs with fresh seafood. Enjoy chilled.

My Review: We’re in the waning days of me just wanting to sip on a glass of white wine without food here in North Carolina; the last vestiges of 70-degree weather are here and soon my wine selections will skew towards big, bold reds to pair with hearty meals. But, since we’re not quite there yet, it was the perfect time to open the 2022 El Coto Blanco.

Pale yellow in the glass, I picked up floral aromas at first, with white flowers being prominent (though still fairly light). At first sip, I got more of those floral notes with some zesty lime joining the fray, but that gave way to a tart, slightly bitter/citrus/pith finish that I actually really enjoyed; the finish didn’t linger on the palate, but it certainly left an impression.

We paired the wine with some pork chili verde, and it was a nice counter to the spice. Still, I think the crisp, citrus notes would be a perfect pairing to something rich or creamy–opening a bottle of this as a counter to something like a salmon piccata would be ideal; it would cut the richness of the fish and the sauce but would benefit from the capers in the dish.

I’ll admit that I was a little on the fence about this one at first; the pithy finish confused my taste buds for a few minutes, but the more I sat on it, and sipped on it, the more I enjoyed it. And, at $12, it’s a great value grab for sharing with friends or enjoying yourself in the middle of the week.

Disclosure: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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