Domaine Bousquet Sparkling Rose’ Brut

Image of a bottle of Domaine Bousquet Sparkling Rose' Brut

Variety: 75% Pinot Noir; 25% Chardonnay
Region: Mendoza, Argentina
Cost: $13 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Salmon color with delicate bubbles. Red fruit aromas with citric notes. Fresh with medium acidity and fruity finish. Ideal with seafood and fresh dishes.

My Review: Ok, confession time – I really like sparkling rose’. I mean I REALLY like it. Finding a budget one that I like pretty much guarantees that I’m going to buy it regularly, often in large quantities. Enter the Domaine Bousquet Sparkling Rose’ Brut.

In the glass the wine was a salmon-ish pink – that blend of orange and red that tells you the wine you’re about to drink is going to be dry without even having to open the bottle (I love that color). On the nose the wine showed tart red fruit aromas (raspberry mostly), and in the mouth the wine was crisp and refreshing with citrus notes.

I really liked this wine, and while my wife and I just enjoyed it over a Sunday while packing for our recently completed move, it’d be great with charcuterie, seafood, and even some lighter chicken and pork dishes. Definitely one to keep an eye out for when you want an enjoyable sparkling without having to break the bank.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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