Guest Post: Entertaining With Wine

Hosting a party can be a pleasure if you’re used to it and do it on a regular basis. But for the uninitiated, it can be a little hard, especially if you mean to serve wine. You need to be properly informed about what wines go with the food you’re serving and the right stemware to serve your wine in. If this is you, here are some tips to help you become initiated.

  • Become aware of what are home bar essentials, like decanters, stemware, jiggers, bottle and wine openers, rubber wine stoppers, ice buckets and other items.
  • The right stemware adds to the mood of the party, so get acquainted with these too. You can choose to have any of these depending on the beverages you mean to serve – crystal stemware , martini glasses, highball glasses and balloon wine glasses. You may want to have vintage wine glasses and champagne flutes if you end up hosting a special occasion.
  • Find out what wines are well-liked and stock up on them before the party. When friends and family say they would like to gift me something, I tell them to give me a bottle of wine, whiskey or other beverage, and I tell them exactly which brand and variety I want.
  • Don’t forget to keep the most important item at hand, a wine opener kit. A Rabbit wine opener tool kit is easy to use and the powerful Rabbit wine opener pulls out the wine cork in seconds. the tool kit comes with a foil cutter, bottle sealer, wax remover and drip stop ring.
  • Other items you may want to keep handy are a cutting board and knife, a blender and a strainer. You can collect all these over a period of time or like me, go to discount stores and buy at the same time.
  • Get an expert or a friend who knows his wines to help you out here if you’re unsure.

Make your parties the talk of the town with good wines and good food. Whether it’s a barbecue or a sit-down dinner party, make your preparations well in advance. Invite like-minded people who you know will get along well together. Having the right tools to serve and mix drinks will definitely make your party a success.


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