Picture of a bottle of Locations Wine I4 Italian Red Wine

Locations Wine I4

April 5, 2017 George Perry 0

A unique blend of Italian grapes, the Locations Wine I4 brings something new to the table. So, should you check it out?

Image of a bottle of Locations Wine P4 Portuguese Red Wine

Locations Wine P4

March 9, 2017 George Perry 0

Some wine from the Iberian Peninsula, the P4 Portuguese Red Wine from Locations is another in their line of affordable, approachable wines made in the US from grapes picked at the source. Check out my full review.

Picture of a bottle of Locations Wine OR4

Locations Wine OR4

January 30, 2017 George Perry 0

If you’re looking for that delicate, refined Pinot Noir, than look elsewhere. If, however, you’re looking for something that calls to mind the early days of sizzling meat over an open flame, this is the wine for you.