Locations Wine F5 Rose’

A picture of a bottle of Locations Wine F5 Rose'

Variety: 100% Grenache
Region: Grapes sourced from South of France
Cost: $19 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: In the glass, an appearance of Himalayan salt opens with a nose of gardenias and early harvested stone fruit. A fresh entry leads to a honeysuckle mousse with hints of peaches and cantaloupe encompassing a dry minerality. The finish is memorable with a slight brininess reminiscent of the Himalayan sea salt hue.

My Review: So I received this wine a bit before rose’ season, but considering that as I write this it’s in the 70s in February in Raleigh, NC, I think we’re, if not completely in rose’ season, we’re at least close enough as to make no difference. Also, I drink rose’ year round, so whatever.

In the glass the wine showed a lovely deep pink color. On the nose I picked up floral notes of rose petals which lead right into flavors of honeysuckle and ripe red fruit, balanced by a finish that was dry, mineraly, and featured a touch of brininess that I found incredinly enjoyable.

Paired with a lunch of cheeses, the wine was sublime. My wife and I drink a lot of rose’ on the weekends, in part because it pairs so well with our preferred weekend lunch of charcuterie, and this wine was no exception.

For less than $20, I’ve been impressed with what the Locations line of wines has been able to accomplish, and I look forward to trying the Italian and Portuguese reds that I have from them as well. In fact, if I had one knock on them, it would be that the glass that they use for their wines is a bit heavy, which I know adds to shipping costs. I know that’s nitpicking, but it’s a pet peeve I have and one that I wish more wineries and vineyards would do something about.

Honestly, if Locations offered this as a boxed wine (or bag in a box for those that prefer that nomenclature), I’d probably have one in my fridge throughout the warmer months – food for thought.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review

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