Mother Earth Brewing Tripel Overhead

Mother Earth Brewing Tripel Overhead

Style: Belgian Style Tripel
Location:  Kinston, NC
Technical Notes: 9.5% alc/vol

Brewer’s Notes:  Smells of sweet malt with a bit of yeast spice notes. This 9% beer hides its alcohol well with a spicy malt tastes. This beer has become a fast favorite with me and can’t wait to see it being brewed on a regular basis. Pair with Filet Mignon, Spicy Cajun Foods, Pheasant, Roast Turkey, Apricot Amaretto Tart.

My Review:  About 30 minutes south of my house is Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston, NC. They offer a wide variety of beers, some available year round, others seasonally. Others, like the Tripel Overhead, are Specials.

The first time I visited them over Memorial Day, they had the Tripel Overhead available on tap to try, and I instantly fell in love. More recently, during a visit over Labor Day they no longer had it available to drink on tap, but it was available at their store to bring home in a pint-sized bottle for $20. Money well spent.

This beer is aged in bourbon barrels and it’s amazing. A nice dark reddish-brown color, the aromas of malt and the sweetness of the bourbon barrels are carried over into the flavor. This beer is super smooth and a great sipper, though pairing it with some Filet Mignon per the Brewer’s Notes does sound pretty awesome.

I’ve enjoyed every trip I’ve made to Mother Earth Brewing, and if you’re in the area I definitely recommend a stop in, but I have to admit, the Tripel Overhead has quickly become my favorite of their beers and I can’t wait to go back and get another bottle from them.

To learn more about Mother Earth’s other beers, as well as to plan a trip, visit their website at .


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