Aviator Brewing Company Saison de Aviator

Aviator Brewing Company Saison de Aviator

Style: Belgian Style
 Raleigh, NC
Technical Notes: 6.5% alc/vol; 22 IBU

Brewer’s Notes:  A seasonal summer Belgian beer style produced with pilsner malt, mid-kilned malts, coriander and sweet orange peel. Saison de Aviator is an unfiltered golden colored ale, has high carbonation, and a fruity Trappist yeast.  Great beer to pick up your spirits after mowing the lawn or a hard days work in the old cube farm.

My Review:  So this is my first beer review, and it seems appropriate to do a beer from the state I’m currently living in. I was at my local grocery store and decided to build a 6 pack of beers to try out, and I’ll admit that the design on the can caught my eye, followed quickly by the description.

The beer is a nice medium reddish-brown, and I picked up aromas of toasted nuts and citrus. In the mouth the beer had a nice medium body, not too heavy for a hot day, but not too light for a colder day either. Flavors of coriander and orange peel were most prominent to me.

I really liked this beer, and it’s definitely one I would grab a 6 pack of for going to the beach or to enjoy with some friends.

Check out more of what Aviator Brewing Company has to offer, including when they’re open for visitors, at their website: http://www.aviatorbrew.com/

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