Pictures from Virginia Wine Country

So I’ve stolen the memory card from the digital camera (and by digital camera I mean my wife) and wanted to share a few pictures of my time in Virginia Wine Country this past weekend.

On the road to Keswick Vineyards

On our way to Keswick Vineyards, April snapped a picture out the side of our car.

The tasting selection at Kluge Estate and Winery
Kluge Estate and Winery Tasting Selection

Kluge Estate and Winery allows you to set up wherever you want and brings your tasting selection to you in these handy plastic  flutes.  It was beautiful outside so we found a table and enjoyed the weather and their tasting selection.

Tasting red wine at Kluge Estate and Winery
Tasting wine at Kluge Estate and Winery

The action shot.  The wine drinker in his natural habitat.

Looking out from Blenheim Vineyards
A look out from the Blenheim Vineyards tasting room

Blenheim Vineyards has a beautiful tasting room, and here’s a look out from it.  A small deck is to the right where April and I enjoyed a glass of white wine before calling it a day and heading to our hotel.

The pond at Pollak Vineyards
The pond at Pollak Vineyards from their tasting room patio

Pollak wasn’t our first stop on Day 2, but it was the first place we sat down to enjoy the view.  The patio outside their tasting room sported plenty of chairs and tables that were perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view.

The Gazebo at Veritas Vineyards
Gazebo at Veritas Vineyards. My brother-in-law got married here.

The small gazebo at Veritas is actually where April’s brother got married nearly 3 years ago.  If you’re considering a Virginia Vineyard/Winery for your wedding, Veritas did an amazing job and I would certainly recommend them.

April outside of Afton Mountain Vineyards
April (my wife) before heading into Afton Mountain Vineyards

And the obligatory wife shot.  April before we headed into Afton Mountain Vineyards, our last stop in Virginia Wine Country.

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