Rockbridge Cabernet Franc


Rockbridge Cabernet Franc
Rockbridge Cabernet Franc

Varietal:  Cabernet Franc

Region:  Virginia – USA

Cost:  $17 – $20


Good earthiness to the wine, a very dry cabernet franc.  A very robust aroma greets you before you sip at the wine, which is followed by flavors of cherry and a hint of black olive.  A rather peppery finish.


Recommendation:  This wine will pair excellently with a sauce-heavy pasta or a very juicy steak, but the dryness of the wine by itself will probably be a turn-off for those looking for a dry red wine to drink by itself.  If you’re pairing this with a meal, I certainly recommend it, but if you’re looking for something to drink by itself, this might not be the wine for you.

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