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Last week, my wife and I went to Si Tapas in Richmond, Virginia for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner.  This wasn’t our first visit to the restaurant, but it had been a while, and as a result, the menu selection had change slightly.

We had mad reservations, but upon arriving (on a Wednesday evening), it was clear that we probably wouldn’t have needed them.  We were quickly seated in the small dining room (it seats probably 20-30 people at most), and joined by our waiter who asked us if we’d ever been before.  We already knew what wine we wanted (a 2007 Gouguenheim Malbec), so he soon returned with the wine and two glasses of water.

As the name implies, Si Tapas specializes in tapas, an appetizer style meal where you order multiple small offerings to create an entire meal.  None of their tapas are made ahead of time, which means that you’re food is always hot and made to order.

My wife and I ordered their Polenta Fries, Pork Empanadas (a choice we had enjoyed before), Cheese Fondue (a selection they had offered before, but had changed slightly since our last visit), and Cumin Dusted Scallops (another selection offered before, but with a new twist).

The entire meal was delicious.  Everything was hot and perfectly cooked and plated.  When we ran out of bread for the fondue, we didn’t have to ask for any, our waiter just made sure we did in fact want some more and then brought some to us an no extra charge, and the wine was a perfect compliment to everything.

Our final bill for four tapas and a bottle of wine was around $63, not something I’d want to pay every night for a meal, but certainly something that’s worth indulging in for special occasions.  The homey atmosphere makes going there even more enjoyable, and is perfect for visiting with friends, family, or with a special someone.  Their wine selection isn’t huge and does lean towards the Spanish in selection, but there should be something there for every taste, and it pairs well with the food that they offer.

Whether you live in Richmond or you’re just visiting, Si Tapas is definitely worth a visit.  You’ll enjoy the food, you’ll enjoy the wine, and you’ll enjoy the atmostphere for what is sure to be a delicious meal.


About Si Tapas

Si Tapas features two floors, with a dining room downstairs and a bar/lounge area upstairs that offers beer, wine, and liquor.  Their tapas selection is great for every type of taste, and the atmosphere is acceptable for dates, family gatheries, or a meeting with friends.  Dress is casual to business casual.  To make reservations or view their menu, visit Si Tapas online at:

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