Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo

The Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon/Tempranillo
The Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon/Tempranillo

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon (55%) / Tempranillo (45%)

Region: Spain

Cost: $9.99 – 14.99

Silky flavors thanks to an excellent blending of the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Tempranillo.  Deep purple-red coloring with dark cherry, blackberry, and hints of spice and chocolate on the nose.  A light sweet oak finish goes well with the berry and dark chocolate flavors.  An excellent pairing with lamb, beef, and tomato-based pasta dishes.

Recommendation:  Grab this if you see it.  A great introduction to Spanish wine, and one that is sure not to disappoint, and not last long in your wine cellar.

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  1. I absolutely recommend this wine. Love the Tempranillo with the Cab. VERY good price for this wine. We enjoyed it with friends yesterday and I’ll be buying a lot more.

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