Locations Wine Virtual Tasting

Locations Wine Virtual Tasting

So a couple of weeks back I had the chance to do a virtual tasting with winemaker Dave Phinney of Locations Wines. I’ve reviewed a bunch of their wines lately (and have a few more reviews coming out shortly), but it was nice to get to interact directly with him, hear his thoughts on his wines, and to accidentally make him cry.

I’m not going to spend a bunch of time talking about the wines we tasted – they’re all ones I’ve tasted and reviewed before (the I4, E4, and F4), so I won’t dwell on the wines themselves.

As for some of the highlights of the tasting:https://twitter.com/hashtag/LocationsTasting?src=hash

On why he uses corks versus a different type of closure – “I’m a traditionalist when it comes to closures”

His most challenging wine to make – “The Corsica…in a good way”

Quote of the tasting – “We do 95% of the winemaking in the vineyard”; I love this quote and this approach. I like to think most of the great winemakers would agree with this statement too.

On his proudest moment as a winemaker – “When I was hired as a winemaker and I could finally let myself put ‘winemaker’ on my business cards”; seriously, sorry I made you cry Dave, but I really liked that response.

If you want to check out the entire conversation that was had – just follow this link to the hashtag (#LocationsTasting) and you can see what others than myself thought of the tasting, and see some of the greatest moments from the tasting.

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