Traveling in Style

I don’t know about you but the Guru and I often spend weekend nights hanging out with friends, playing games, talking about life and typically drinking wine. We have over the years tried a variety of methods of transport for our wine: fabric wine bags from vineyards and the grocery store, holding in my lap during the drive, rolling about on the floor boards, etc. A few weekends ago when going to a friends house for game night I got to try out my newest method the Bella Vita Wine Bag (in Blossom).

Bella Vita Wine Bag in Blosson
Bella Vita Wine Bag in Blossom
Bella Vita wine bag side view
Bella Vita wine bag side view

This is a great little bag, made of leather and of sturdy construction it measures 13.5″x3.25″x7.5″ and is just big enough to hold a normal 750ml bottle of wine and a few of your personal items. It has a removable rigid panel for the bottom that adds extra support during use but allows you to easily collapse the bag for storage. I love this bag because it was basically a cute clutch that *tada* holds a bottle of wine! I took this to our friend’s house not just to carry the wine but used it as my purse for the night. The bag has a zipper pocket inside on one side, and another small “cell phone” pocket on the other.  The bag comfortably housed my bottle, my wallet, my phone and a pair of gloves since it was chilly. My only real complain would be that the cell phone pocket wasn’t really wide/big enough to actually hold a modern cell phone, but I suspect flip phone hold outs would be thrilled.

I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who, like me, frequently carries wine anywhere and what’s more I actually really liked the pretty red-brown color of the leather and the cute blossom print and would also just use this as a purse, wine not withstanding. The bag also comes in several other cute designs: black with tan vines, another pretty brown with a fun circle design called “groovy”, for the minimalist classic black and several more. You are sure to find one you’d be happy to carry.

High heel shoe wine bottle stopper and puirse wine glass charms
High heel shoe wine bottle stopper and purse wine glass charms

Bella Vita also sent along some other fun wine accessories in the form of some fun purse wine charms and a high heel shoe wine stopper. The charms are really cute with the accent stones on each of the 6 purses being a different color, and they attach easily to any glass. The stopper is pretty cute and these two items as a pair would make for a great girls night theme. The thing I likes about the stopper is that is has a great flexible rubber seal so it site nicely in the bottle. I’ve had stoppers in the past that look great but either fit bottles to tightly or are too loose and flopping around which defeats the purpose. This flexible rubber give this stopper so flexibility to work is a wide range of bottles.

Bella Vita is selling some really fun wine accessories and other items in their shop and thanks them for sending me some fun products to try out, the wine bag was definitely the star for me. I highly recommend checking them out the next time a wine lover is on your gift list or you feel like treating yourself to a new bag, after all how many of your purses currently have the ability to safely carry your wine?

The Bella Vita Wine Bag is available for wholesale online, and should retail for approximately $40 in your local store.