2008 Castello di Amorosa Pinot Bianco

Castello di Amorosa Pinot Bianco

Varietal: Pinot Bianco
Region: California – Los Carneros – USA
Cost: $24

A light to medium-bodied wine with flavors of apple and grapefruit.  Pair this wine with seafood, especially shellfish, Chinese food, picnic food, or just by itself.

Recommendations: Another gift from my parents, my wife and I enjoyed this after pairing a bottle of their Pinot Grigio with  salmon.  My first impressions of this wine were that it was a lighter version of the Pinot Grigio we had just enjoyed.  That’s not to say that it didn’t have its own unique flavors, only that it was very reminiscent of the other wine.

While I didn’t get the grapefruit that Castello di Amorosa claims to be there, I certainly got the apple, and would agree that this wine would pair very well with seafood or just by itself on a warm day.  I’m always in the market for wine that I can enjoy by itself, especially a white for hot Spring and Summer days, but for the price I feel like I could do better.

A good wine that’s worth it if you’re planning to pair it with something, but a bit pricey to be just a patio wine.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Pinot Bianco with all of us. You’re right, it’s a great wine by itself, but you can always try it with sushi or a salad that’s light on the blue cheese.

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