2014 Holiday Wine Gifts

It’s that time of year again, the time when you’re scrambling to think about what to get that person in your life, be it a mother, father, husband, wife, or co-worker, and you realize you don’t know what to get them, but that you know they’re always open for something related to wine. So, with that in mind, here’s my recommendations on a variety of items that the wine-lover in your life would be more than happy to find under the tree or in a stocking.

 Stocking Stuffers

Ok, these items don’t have to go in a stocking, but they can, for the most part, get tucked into most standard sized stockings.

Wine Shop Gift Cards – If your friends and family are anything like me, they like to try new wines, and a gift card to their local/favorite wine shop is a free ticket to go buy that wine they’ve been wanting to try without having to feel guilty about it.

Wine Tools - You can never have enough bottle openers. Also, wine preservation items like vacuum sealers and cleaning supplies (I’m partial to these two brushes for cleaning my glasses and my decanters) will always find a welcome home with any wine lover.

Wine Travel Vouchers – Visiting wine country is always great, but there is the part of having to balance the fun of visiting wineries and tasting with the responsibility of driving. Vouchers for travel services are a great gift, and a lot of them have special wine tours that you can sign up for.

Wine of the Month Club - Getting new wine delivered to your house is literally the gift that keeps on giving. The good folks over at Wine of the Month Club have a great selection of gift packs and monthly subscriptions that give you the ability to tailor your gift to their tastes, and your budget, all with great packaging that will look great during the Holidays and all through the year. Sign your friends and family up for a club membership and slip the news into their stocking to see a smile during the Holidays.

Wine of the Month Club
Wine of the Month Club

Home Gifts

If your friends are anything like me, they can always use wine-related home gifts, be they decorations or items for entertaining.

Stemware - Much like how you can never have enough bottle openers, you can never really have enough wine glasses. Whether there was a recent breakage accident or just a lack of a glass type (champagne flutes, chardonnay glasses, etc), a set of quality stemware is always welcome.

Books on Wine - Not only is a continuing wine education a great gift, but there are plenty of these books that also make great coffee table books.

Entertaining Items - Decanters, reclaimed wine cork trivets and coasters, wine buckets, and trays are all great items for that person that not only loves wine, but loves to share it with others.

Wine Trivets
Wine Trivets


Regardless of how much people try to make wine a serious business, it’s still, at it’s heart, really fun to drink wine and share it with friends.

Wine T-Shirts - You’ve seen them, those amusing t-shirts that imply drinking problems for the wearer. Maybe not the greatest gift of all time, but certainly an option for that friend with a sense of humor.

Giant Wine Glasses - For the record, The Good Wine Guru is in no way advocating the consumption of large quantities of wine in a single sitting. Be responsible and pace yourself. Ok, now that that’s out of the way – the whole bottle wine glass is very much a novelty. An amusing novelty, but definitely a novelty. The three bottle glass, on the other hand, works as a great place to store your wine corks (if you’re like my house and you keep them for future use/display).

Whole Bottle Wine Glass
A glass for that bottle of wine you’ve been eyeing
World's Largest Wine Glass
For that moment when you’re feeling irresponsible

World's Largest Cork Holder

How you should really use this glass

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