2012 Juxtapoz

2012 Juxtapoz

Varietal:  55% Syrah; 23% Zinfandel; 9% Petite Sirah; 6% Malbec; 4% Cabernet Sauvignon; 3% Other
Region:  North Coast, California – USA
Cost:  $25 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes:  Aromas of blueberry pie, caramel, and mocha, with flavors of ripe blueberry, juicy plum, and dark chocolate. Full bodied with mouth-filling tannins and good mid-palate weight. Soft, round, long, and full on the finish.

My Review:  I was impressed when this wine showed up – it was housed in an impressive package that included tasting notes, a kaleidascope, and, of course, the wine. But that’s not what you’re really here for – you’re want to know what I think of the wine.

Juxtapoz Packaging
Juxtapoz Packaging

First off, in the glass, the wine was a deep purple, and on the nose I picked up caramel at first blush, which opened up to mocha over time (more on that later). In the mouth the wine started out very fruit-forward, with juicy plum jumping out before mellowing into some dark chocolate notes to complement the mocha on the nose.

The full-bodied mouth feel and the fruit notes were a nice pairing with the beef stew that my wife and I paired the wine with, but it was some time later, after we had finished dinner and the wine had some time to open up, that it really shined through, moving from what was a fairly monotone wine into one with nuance and structure.

My first sip of this wine made me hesitate to recommend it, especially at $25, but once it’s opened up, whether with time or in a decanter, this wine has some really character and is definitely worth the price point, just make sure you’re patient and give it time to show you what it’s capable of.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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