Alandra Red Table Wine


Varietal:  Red Table Wine
Region:  Portugal
Cost:  $8

A moderatly dry red wine with ripe fruit flavors and just enough tannins on the finish to balance the fruit flavors without overwhelming them. 

Recommendation:  I’ve been in search of a red wine that could be my table wine at home, something I could buy by the case…and I think I’ve found it.  I had thought my search would lead me to Italian wine, but this Portugese red has a perfect blend of fruit and tannin to pair with a number of different meals (I had it with chicken curry and rice) or to just be enjoyed by itself.

Medium-bodied but with a good tannic finish, the price on this alone makes it suitable for a table wine, and the fact that it’s good is icing on the cake.  This is easily one of the best values I’ve found in a really long time and I encourage everybody to give this a shot.  A definite must buy.

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