Athena Lighthouse White Wine

Athena Lighthouse White Wine

Varietal: Seyval Blanc
Region: Virginia – USA
Cost: $20

Light, aromatic white wine with a tartness that is balanced with residual sugar.  Pairs well with seafood and white meats.

Recommendations: Athena Vineyards here in Virginia was an unknown entity to me until this past February when I attended the 3rd annual Virginia Wine Expo.  The first booth we stopped at, their unique bottles and clear enjoyment for what they do made it worth stopping in.  We left with a bottle of their Lighthouse White Wine, which my wife and I finally opened up this past 4th of July weekend when it was 100 and Stupid outside.

Athena says the wine is a mix of Seyval Blanc and several other whites, not naming them.  The Seyval Blanc comes through the most, but there was a bit of oakiness on the finish that reminded me a bit of Chardonnay, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some in there.  Much like Viognier, this wine is perfect for sipping on a hot day and for pairing with seafood or white meat.

While we didn’t pair it with anything, choosing to turn it into a deck wine on the 4th, the slight residual sugar (1%) would be a nice pairing for some seasoned and grilled white meat and of course some rich, fatty seafood.  While you might want to pick up this bottle just for the unique shape, it’s certainly worth trying for the wine inside as well, especially as we move deeper into the summer.

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