Garnacha de Fuego



Varietal:  Garnacha
Region:  Spain
Cost:  $7.00 – $10.00 

A bit of smokiness on the nose is balanced by berry aromas of blackberry and blueberry.  Smooth flavors of spice, vanilla, and raspberry have a nice finish of subtle tannins that make this wine enjoyable by itself or with a variety of different meals from pizza to a perfectly cooked and seasoned steak.

Recommendation:  Anybody that’s been visiting this site enough knows that I am falling more and more in love with Spanish wines.  My wife wanted this wine if for no other reason than the bottle was interesting and at $10 it wouldn’t be a waste if the wine wasn’t that good.  Fortunately we got an interesting bottle and a good wine.

The smokiness on the nose wasn’t overpowering, but was enough to mellow out the flavors of ripe berry and lead very nicely into the subtle tannins on the finish.  Perfect with a pepperoni pizza after grocery shopping, this is a great wine for anybody looking to dip their toes in the Spanish wine pool.  Definitely going to be a repeat buy.

Can’t find this wine at your local shop?  Get it here.

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  1. I think I saw that label on my last shopping spree, but passed on buying.
    Hope it is still on shelf next week. I too have just recently became fond of
    Spanish wines other that Riojas.

  2. I bought some this weekend just because it was on sale at World Market. I will be buying more. Great taste and great wine. Excellent recommendation.

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