Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Thanksgiving Turkey

As people all over the country finish up their shopping for one of the great food holidays of the year, many are worried about what wine to serve with their Thanksgiving dinner.  Don’t worry – I’m here for you.

While the obvious choice for pairing a wine with turkey would be a white wine, and indeed there are several white wines you can enjoy with your Thanksgiving dinner (Pinot Gris is a good one, as it Gewurtztraminer), Pinot Noir is actually the go-to wine for pairing with Turkey.

Now I know what you’re saying:  “But George, Pinot Noir is a red wine, and turkey is poultry.”  Both of these things are in fact true, but what you’re forgetting is that A) Pinot Noir is awesome and should be enjoyed at all times, and B) turkey is poultry, but tends towards the darker side of the “white meat” scale.

Pairing Pinot Noir with your Thanksgiving dinner works because the flavor profiles work together so well.  The light, complex flavors of Pinot Noir work well with the variety of flavors you’ll have in front of you next Thursday.

While there’s really no wrong way to enjoy or pair your wine, I absolutely recommend grabbing at least one bottle of Pinot Noir to enjoy with your dinner.

Here are some Pinot Noir reviews to help you on your way.

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