The Time of Planeta

With the recent launch of their new website, the young Sicilian wine company Planeta also engaged in a photo project to help bring wine drinkers of all levels closer to the wine making process.

A digital reflex viewer was placed on one of the Planeta estates and set to take a photo once every three hours. Then, thanks to the beauty of wireless technology, the photos are uploaded, without ever being retouched, to the home page of the new Planeta website.

Here are just some of the photos that have been taken so far, and having checked out their website myself, I definitely recommend taking a visit and poke around, especially their Paneta Club section, which is set up to be almost like an online magazine for wine.

Planeta Picture 1Planeta Picture 2Planeta Picture 3Planeta Picture 4

Planeta Picture 5Planeta Picture 6Planeta Picture 7Planeta Picture 8Planeta Picture 9Planeta Picture 10Planeta Picture 11

These are just a few of the photos from the Planeta estates, and I recommend checking back regularly to see the new images being uploaded. Don’t worry if when you come to the website that it’s in Italian as there is an option to translate everything into English. Oh, and of course don’t forget to try some of their wine as well.

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