Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato NV

Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato

Varietal: Muscat of Alexandria/Zibibbo
Region: South Australia
Cost: $12.00 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Pink Zabibbo has a delightfully sweet taste and delicate flavor. Light effervescence and vibrant strawberry notes are complimented by red berry fruit overtones and a fresh finish. Enjoy in a champagne flute while noshing on strawberries or enjoy a glass as a perfect finish to your long day.

My Review: We had the bottle kicking around the house for a bit and kept telling ourselves that we’d try it the next time we had something spicy, Thai take out, Mexican, you name it, but given it’s sweetness, DEFINITELY spicy! When I first starting drinking wine I was a fan of Rieslings and other sweeter wines but as I’ve matured, so have my tastes and I typically only enjoy sweeter wines with a great food pairing that calls for it. This bottle recommended enjoying it with fruits or cheeses and on a night filled with munchies and cheese and thanks to a big craving for bubbles I decided to open this wine even though nothing spicy was on the menu.

The over arching taste we both got off of this wine was honey. There was a slight hint of effervescence that rather than being refreshing as it typically is, only served to confused the palate because of the super sweet honey finish. I gave this wine a few sips and a second chance and was ultimately glad I hadn’t specifically made a spicy dish to go with it. In the end I don’t think any amount of spice or food pairing was going to make this overly sweet syrupy Moscato work for me.

If you’re a fan of SWEET wines then this is the wine for you, and maybe the sparkling aspect will be a nice change up from your usual. But if you’re like me and your tastes have changed to favor Citrusy Sauvignon Blancs, Bruts, and dry reds, this wine probably isn’t going to be up your alley.

Editor’s note: I received this wine as a free sample.