Robert Mondavi Private Selection Coastal Crush Red 2011

2011 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Coastal Crush Red

Varietal:  67% Syrah; 24% Merlot; 9% Malbec
Region:  California – USA (Monterey County, San Benito County, Paso Robles, Valley South)
Cost:  $11 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes:  Our 2011 Coastal Crush Red comes from cool-climate Central Coast grapes and has been blended primarily from Syrah, Merlot, and Malbec. The wine is fresh and light with a smooth texture. It features a juicy blend of ripe strawberry and red raspberry fruit with a hint of chocolate. From steak to turkey to salads, Central Coast Crush pairs well with a wide range of foods throughout the year.

My Review:  Back in February, before Valentine’s Day, I received this bottle of Robert Bottle Private Selection Coastal Crush Red along with a selection of salted caramels. Me not being much of one for chocolates, or sweets in general, my wife rather enjoyed them all by herself. The wine, however, sat for a bit, finally being opened this past week when I was on my own for dinner and was looking for something that I thought would pair well with some pasta with meatballs and red sauce.

In the glass the wine was fairly dark, with deep red colors that let in virtually no light. On the nose I picked up mostly red fruits, with strawberry being the most notable to me. In the mouth the red raspberry made itself known, along with a hint of the chocolate, though it wasn’t very prominent. The wine was, as to be expected, fairly fruit forward and juicy and did a good enough job of pairing with the baked pasta that I prepared.

For the price the wine was serviceable, but it was by no means mind blowing. As a Tuesday, or in this case Wednesday,  night red table wine it certainly serves its purpose, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is a ground-breaking wine. If, however, you’re looking for a fairly typical California red wine that works for a weekday night, then it’s certainly worth giving a try.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample.

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