2019 Brockmeyer Rose’ of Grenache

Image of a bottle of 2019 Brockmeyer Rose' of Grenache

Variety: Grenache
Region: Cederquist Vineyard, Fresno County, CA – USA
Cost: $11

My Review: Rose’ season is in full swing at the Wine Guru house, thanks to high temperatures, equally high humidity, and a need for crisp, refreshing wines to help us get through sweltering North Carolina summer. Which made opening the bottle of 2019 Brockmeyer Rose’ of Grenache a no-brainer on a hot summer weekend.

In the glass the wine was a light orangish-pink color. On the nose I got aromas of red berries, white flowers, and subtle peach notes as the wine opened up. In the mouth, the wine was light and fruity, with flavors of peaches and ripe berry that gave the impression of biting into a nice, tart, refreshing berry full of juice, and with a perfect balance of sweet and refreshing tartness.

My wife and I opened the wine while eating some homemade chili, and the juicy, tart notes of the wine were a great contrast to the deep spices of the chili, not to mention balancing out the heat of the spices just perfectly.

This wine often retails for around $20, and I still think it’s a good value at that price, but if you can find it for under $15 it’s definitely one worth snatching up; it’s the perfect light, easy-sipping wine for pairing with summer BBQ or sitting by the pool trying to cool off.

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