2019 River Road Double Oaked Chardonnay

Image of a bottle of 2019 River Road Double Oaked Chardonnay

Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Region: California
Cost: $17 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Our “Double Oaked” story begins with a special blend of American and French oak. Grapes sourced from both estate-owned and family-owned vineyards convey a true expression of the people, varietals, and artistry behind these unique wines. Pairs well with grilled shrimp, boiled fish, or garlic chicken pasta dishes.

My Review: I’ll admit that I hesitated a bit when I accepted this sample – oaked Chardonnay isn’t usually terribly welcome in my house, and one labelled “Double Oaked” was something I knew I’d be trying by myself; my wife isn’t the biggest fan of Chardonnay that’s spent time in oak.

So, to get the obvious out of the way yes, this was definitely an oaked Chardonnay; there wasn’t anything that hid it or masked it or provided any real “balance.” This is a wine for people that like oaked Chardonnay and aren’t shy about it. Alright, on to the details.

In the glass the wine was a dark yellow color with slashes of green. On the nose I got notes of apple and (unsurprisingly) oak. In the mouth there were flavors of peach and apple joined by, again, oak. I was actually a bit surprised that the typical buttery note that often comes with Chardonnay that’s spent time on oak wasn’t more obvious. It was certainly there, but for a wine billing itself as double oaked I sorta came into this expecting the wine to taste like butter and oak, and I got a surprising amount of the apple and peach notes with some baking spices, mostly nutmeg and cinnamon, joining in as the wine warmed up.

I didn’t pair the wine with any food (just the disappointing Eurocup 2020 finals that saw Italy steal another championship they didn’t earn), but I this wine felt like it was calling out for some garlic. Shrimp scampi or some type of lighter fish with lots of acid to help cut through the richness of the wine would be welcome and could help provide some balance that the wine itself just isn’t having.

This is definitely not a wine I would buy for myself, but if you’re into heavily oaked Chardonnay this is probably the wine you’ve been dreaming of.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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