Jan 19 2009

Antano Tempranillo


Antano Tempranillo

Antano Tempranillo

Varietal:  Tempranillo

Region:  Spain

Cost:  $9.99


Fruity aromas are followed by a very light, mellow Temranillo with flavors of fruit and hints of spice.  The fruitiness of the wine is tempered quite well with tannins.  Will mix well with sharp cheeses or lightly spiced food.


Recommendation:  This is a nice and mellow Tempranillo that will mix very well with most foods, except those that are heavily spiced.  If you’re looking for a slightly more interesting red wine that you can enjoy with food or by itself, but that isn’t the usual bottle of merlot, this is definitely the bottle you should try.  However, if you’re looking for something that will add a lot to your meal, this probably isn’t the bottle of wine for you.  For the price it’s certainly worth a try, but don’t be expecting a bottle of wine that will change how you think of red wine or Tempranillo.

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