Grayhaven Winery Cabernet Franc


Grayhaven Winery Cabernet Franc
Grayhaven Winery Cabernet Franc

Varietal:  Cabernet Franc

Region:  Virginia – USA

Cost:  $16


Grayhaven’s Cabernet Franc offers a deep ruby color with aromas of berries and spice. Light to medium bodied, it delivers simple and straightforward flavors of wild cherry and plum.  Hints of spice, leather, and a pepperyness on the finish. Pairs well with braised lamb, roast duck and Northern Italian style veal dishes.


Recommendation:  This is a great Cabernet Franc for somebody looking for a more mellow red wine.  Works well with or without food, and can even be turned into an excellent mulled wine.  Certainly on the lighter side of color and flavor when it comes to Cabernet Franc, but the peppery finish is a pleasant surprise and adds something to the wine that makes it worth the purchase.  Grayhaven doesn’t enter their wine into competitions, and I’m not saying that this wine would win if they did, but it would certainly get an honorable mention.  

Check this wine out if you get the chance, and visit their vineyard in Gum Spring, Virginia if you’re in the area.  The comfortableness of the vineyard alone will make you want to spend the day there drinking their wine.

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