Clarksburg Wine Company Remenance 2010

2010 Clarksburg Wine Company Remenance

Varietal:  50% Cabernet Franc; 25% Cabernet Sauvignon; 25% Merlot
Region:  Clarksburg, California – USA
Cost:  Around $30

Winemaker’s Notes:  This wine pours a dusty garnet color. From the start, this wine is opulent. The fruit is rich, brooding dark cherry and cassis. As a powerful counterpoint to the fruit, this wine displays a tapestry of earthy and spice notes. On the palate, hints of leather, dried bay leaf, cocoa, and butterscotch are buoyed by bright raspberry fruit notes. The finish of this wine is notable for its extreme length and complexity. Over several minutes many nuances of baking spice, oak, and fruit with intrigue the palate.

My Review:  Two months ago I had the chance to meet with John Beckman from the Clarksburg Wine Company when he was here in Richmond working to bring his wines to the region. I had a great time, really enjoyed the wines, and have been keeping an eye out for them in my local stores. Because of how much I enjoyed them, I was more than a little happy when a bottle of the 2010 Remenance showed up for me to focus on and pair with some food.

The wine was a nice dark garnet in the glass, and on the nose I got aromas of dark cherry and spice that softened as the wine opened up in the decanter. In the mouth I got more dark fruit, cocoa, earth, and spice notes, all wrapped up in a nice lingering finish for this medium to full-bodied wine. As a pairing for a steak I had picked up the day before it was perfect – the wine had enough body to hold up to the steak, while not being so full-bodied that I couldn’t enjoy it without the grilled meat.

I was very impressed when I got to taste a smattering of the wines from the Clarksburg Wine Company back in October, and getting to pair this one with a full meal just hardens my resolve to track down some wines from them to pair with meals at home. The price point they offer is spectacular (between $15 and $30), and the quality drinks even better. Definitely recommend this and their others if you come across them.

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