Blogging vs the Bulge

Blogging vs the Bulge
This is not my stomach

So recently my wife and I have been trying to be healthier. Not that we were particularly unhealthy before, but we’ve been trying to do a better job of exercising, eating better, and watching how much we drink in an effort to shed some pounds and look and feel better. This of course is in direct opposition to my desire to regularly update this site with my thoughts on various wines.

So what’s a blogger to do when he’s trying to lose weight and write about wine at the same time? Do I just update less often or start doing posts that don’t focus on wines I’ve actually tried but look more at the wine industry as a whole? Hopefully I’ll figure it out shortly, and I’m certainly interested to know how other food and wine bloggers balance being healthy with keeping their site up to date.

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A wine lover for as long as I can remember, I hope that my thoughts on wine can help others to make decisions on what they should drink as well.

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  1. Would hate to see you give up wine, after all a few glasses a night are part of a healthy lifestyle. Aids in digestion, stress levels, good for heart disease. Look at the diets of SW France, one animals meat cooked in another animals fat, then cheese afterwards. They were the first area to do heart disease and cholesterol studies revealing that they had low cases of it. The wines their are very tannic and high in acidity. It washes all the bad stuff away from your system. Maybe you could blog about healthy drinking that accompanies healthy eating. I think wine is important, it slows down your eating time, brings people back to the kitchen and the dinner table, makes you question where your food comes from (factories or farms) and is good for conversation. Good luck!

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