Da Vinci Chianti


Da Vinci Chianti
Da Vinci Chianti

Varietal:  Chianti

Region:  Italy

Cost:  $14.99


Cherry on the nose feeds into plum and blackberry on the palate.  Some spice and oak on the backend of the wine, with a very dry finish.  Pair with juicy red meats (beef or lamb), or sauce heavy pastas.


Recommendation:  As a fan of dry red wines, this one is a keeper for me.  That being said, this is probably best paired with something as opposed to be enjoyed by itself.  The finish may be too dry for some, so if you’re not into tannin heavy, very dry red wines, this isn’t really the one for you.  Serve this with a sauce heavy pasta dish and you’re more likely to enjoy it.  Not a bad chianti, but for the price point there are better ones out there.

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