Vino Curioso Franc the Tank


Franc the Tank
Franc the Tank

Varietal:  Cabernet Franc

Region:  Virginia – USA

Cost:  < $20

Low tannins and a lighter finish than is usual for a Virginia Cabernet Franc.  A peppery finish with spices throughout, a very medium-bodied wine.  Will pair well with red meats, chips and salsa, or just by itself.


Recommendation:  Vino Curioso is a new up and coming vineyard in Virginia, with the cabernet franc (with a great reference to Old School) being the highlight.  As a vineyard, Vino Curioso seems to be marketing themselves towards a younger demographic, something that not many vineyards are doing yet.  At a wine expo, the average age of the patrons at their booth was under 30.  Vino Curioso is doing a great job of marketing their wines in a fun and inventive way, all the while producing a quality wine.  If you find a bottle of the Franc the Tank at your local store, I recommend grabbing it – it’s not your usual Virginia cabernet franc, but it’s a very good one nonetheless.

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