Domaine Bousquet Le Petit Sparkling Rose’

Image of a can of 2021 Domaine Bousquet Let Petit Sparkling Rose'

Variety: 50% Pinot Noir; 30% Syrah; 10% Pinot Gris; 10% Viognier
Region: Mendoza – Argentina
Cost: $13 for a 4-pack; $3.50/each (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Pale and pretty crystal clear pink. Strawberries and red berry aromas with orange zest notes. Lively with fresh acidity and fruit palate.

My Review: I’m a fan of non-traditional packaging for wine. Both bag in a box and wine in a can allow vineyards and wineries to present wine in new and interesting ways. Cans in particular allow for consumers to purchase wine in a format that’s easy to transport and can help manage wine consumption.

The Le Petit Sparkling Rose’ from Domaine Bousquet is a good example of just that feature. My wife and I had already been sipping on some wine, but also knew we didn’t want to open a whole other bottle. Fortunately, the 250 ml can was perfect for splitting between us when we both wanted just one more glass.

As for the wine itself? It surprised me.

First off, while there’s no vintage on the can, all of the fruit is from the 2021 harvest. In the glass it was on the orangish side of the pink spectrum for rose. On the nose I got aromas of strawberry, orange zest, berries, and a bit of funk (not in a spoiled way). On the palate, the wine was light and fruity, with flavors of fresh picked berries, strawberries, and a little bit more of the yeasty/funky note I got on the nose.

The wine was nice and dry, good for a hot day in North Carolina, and it would have been great on the beach or by the pool. The thing I like most about the format is that for $13 your basically getting a liter of sparkling rose’. The can size makes it good for drinking by yourself or splitting, and while I think you could pair this wine with food (a cheese and charcuterie board with some funky cheese springs to mind), it’s clearly designed to enjoy by itself.

Disclosure: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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