International Tempranillo Day

Tempranillo Day

So, in case you missed it (and it would have been hard to if you follow any wine blogs), last Thursday, November 12th, was International Tempranillo Day. So what did I open? What did I think of it?

I opened up a pair of wines from Campo Viejo, their 2013 Tempranillo and the 2010 Reserva. Let’s get started with the 2013.

In the glass the wine was a nice dark ruby red color, and on the nose I picked up red fruit and vanilla that carried through to the palate. I’ll admit to just sipping on this wine by itself instead of pairing it with anything, but as I’ve had several vintages of Tempranillo from Campo Viejo in the past, I didn’t feel too bad about it. That being said, this is usually one of my go to Tempranillos when I’m at the store and with good reason – it’s a good representation of the grape at a great price (typically under $20).

Now, on to one I hadn’t had before…the 2010 Reserva.

Also a nice dark ruby red in the glass, though perhaps just a shade closer to garnet, the 2010 Reserva showed notes of fruit (cherries and blackberries mostly for me) along with a bit of vanilla and pepper. This wine was nice and smooth, and paired wonderfully with a spread of cheeses and sausage that my wife and I munched on while sipping on the wine.

For not much more money (retails for around $15), there’s a pronounced difference in the wines, and I’d recommend spending the extra few dollars if you have the option to get either one, though you certainly won’t be disappointed in picking up the non-reserva version.

All in all Tempranillo Day 2015 was a success for me, and for the grape, as I know my social media feeds were flooded with follow wine lovers sharing pictures of what wines they were opening to celebrate the day. Hopefully you enjoyed what you opened as much as I did.

Editor’s Note: I received these wines as free samples for review.

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