Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc

Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Chile
Cost: $4

Wine Notes: Light in color, almost clear, with subtle aromas of citrus that carries through to the palate.  Pair with chicken, seafood, or spicy dishes.

My Review: My wife and I picked up a bottle of this because we had enjoyed the Lucky Duck Tempranillo and, given as how we’re fans of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, figured it was worth giving this one a shot.  We shouldn’t have.

The wine was nearly clear in the glass, which didn’t raise any red flags as plenty of South American Sauvignon Blancs are very light and pale.  However, the general lack of a nose should have been a tip-off that this wasn’t a great wine.  The first couple of sips didn’t really give anything, so I let the wine sit for a minute.  A few more sips brought just a hint of citrus, but really, it gave the impression that it had been cut with water.

I know that for $4 I shouldn’t be expecting life-altering wine, but I also shouldn’t be getting wine that I feel compelled to pour down the drain – which is exactly what I did with this wine.  Looks like any of my future adventures into the Lucky Duck selection will be only in the red section, because the Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc made me feel like I actually wasted four dollars – and it’s only four dollars.

Do not buy this wine.

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