Three Fox Vineyards Calabrese Pinot Grigio 2011

2011 Three Fox Vineyards Calabrese Pinot Grigio

Varietal:  100% Pinot Grigio
Region:  Virginia
Cost:  $26

Winemaker’s Notes:  Our estate grown Pinot Grigio is done in the true Northern Italian style that gives loads of lush flavors. It is light, refreshing and fun with lemon zest and citrus notes and a hint of apricot. Pairs great with white pizza, chicken or seafood Caesar, or roast poultry or pork, or just sip and enjoy.

My Review:  Over Easter weekend my wife and I took a trip up to Northern Virginia to visit with our families, during which we decided to take a trip out to some vineyards with my parents. One of those we visited was Three Fox Vineyards, a winery featuring Italian style wines here in Virginia. After doing the tasting and sitting outside to enjoy a bottle, we grabbed a pair of wines to bring home, including the 2011 Calabrese Pinot Grigio which we put aside for a specific dish my wife wanted to make. With the weather finally turning from warm to hot we decided to open up the wine and make the dish.

The wine was light yellow in the glass and gave off aromas of citrus and apricot. In the mouth I got some citrus as well, as was expected, but the unexpected note that my wife and I both enjoyed both at the tasting, and when paired with our dinner was a garlic note on the finish. Paired with a dinner that included cooked shrimp in a sauce with melted feta cheese, scallions, and chives (email me for the recipe), the garlic hit was spectacular, and the subtle acid of the wine did a great job of cutting through the creaminess of the food.

There are a few vineyards in Virginia that produce Pinot Grigio, and while I don’t typically go for the varietal in the state, I will say that Three Fox Vineyards makes one that I very much enjoyed and makes a great compliment to a variety of lighter pasta dishes that are perfect for the heat we’re about to get here.

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  1. The shrimp dish sounds awesome. please send the recipe. Thanks. Three Fox pinot grigio

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