2007 Jefferson Vineyards Petit Verdot

Varietal:  Petit Verdot
Region:  Virginia – USA
Cost:  $19.95

Dark red fruit flavors lead into a tempering of black currant, spices, bacon, and a hint of smoky tobacco.  Tannins lend to a very dry finish to this otherwise velvety wine.  Can be enjoyed now or anytime over the next five years and will pair well with even heaviest game dishes and the fattiest sauces.  

Recommendation:  The 2007 Jefferson Petit Verdot was only recently bottled, so there’s no reason not to sit on this bottle for a couple of years and let it age.  That being said, it’s still amazing to drink right now.  Enjoyable by itself or with a heavy dish, this red wine from Virginia will hold up great.  The pairings of fruit and smokiness made me feel like I was drinking wine made from either silk or velvet, as it was smooth and rich.  If you’re planning on serving a rich dish with fatty sauces, this is the perfect wine to pair with it.  Pick this up whether you plan to enjoy it now or in a few years.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed with this full-bodied wine.

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