2010 Camino del Toro Syrah

2010 Camino del Toro Syrah

Varietal:  Syrah
Region:  Mendoza – Argentina
Cost:  $18 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes:  Flashing a dark red and maroon color, the Camino del Toro is visually stunning. Even more so, fruit and spice notes with hints of vanilla, tobacco, winter spice, and oak are all present, representing classic Syrah. The palette is spicy and strong, accompanied by easy tannins and a long lasting finish. Pair this wine with roasted leg of lamb, or grilled bison and the combination will surely win you over.

My Review:  So a few weeks back my wife and I used a Groupon we had to get some wine at a discount. We signed up through the website and roughly a week later 6 bottles of wine showed up – all reds, all randomly chosen by the company (who I am leaving unnamed on purpose) that handled what can be either a club membership or a one-off if you so choose.

The first bottle that we opened up was the 2010 Camino del Toro Syrah. I enjoy Syrah, think it goes well with a variety of foods, especially items off the grill, and figured as we were winding down the outdoor cooking season that we might as well take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, the wine was something of a letdown.

The wine was, as advertised, a dark reddish-maroon in the glass, and on the nose I picked up fruit with hints of spice and vanilla – none of the tobacco, which is something of a shame. In the mouth the wine was…uninspired. Sure there were flavors of spice and dark fruit, and the wine had a fairly smooth finish, but it just didn’t impress me.

Certainly not for nearly $20.

Not to say that that’s a huge sum of money for a bottle of wine, but I also know I can get a bottle of Syrah that either matches or exceeds the 2010 Camino del Toro Syrah for less than that, which is probably my big hang up with this wine.

I’m ok with a bottle of wine that’s not great, but is at least drinkable when I’ve spent a small sum on it – you get what you pay for. But, once we start approaching the $20 mark I do expect at least an effort to be put forward into the wine, and this one just left me wanting.

There are definitely better Syrahs, from Argentina no less, than this one, especially for the price. Have to say wave off and try something else if you’re considering this one.

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