Sangre de Toro 2007

2007 Sangre de Toro

Varietal: Tempranillo
Region: Spain
Cost: $10.50

Deep color with aromas of earth, fruit, and spice.  On the palate, raspberry, earthiness, and herbs.  Pairs well with grilled meat and traditional Spanish dishes.

Recommendations: I’d be lying if I said I picked up this wine for any other reason than because I was in the mood for something Spanish and my wife was amused by the plastic bull attached to the bottle.  That being said, I’d probably give this wine another go.  After a long week, this bottle followed up dinner as my wife and I relaxed and watched some TV.

The aromas of fruit and spice were nice, though I didn’t really get any earth on the nose.  In the mouth the medium-bodied wine was easy to enjoy by itself, and flavors of raspberry, blackberry, and other crushed fruit sprang to the forefront.

While we didn’t pair the wine with any food, I’d be interested to try it with some type of skirt or flank steak done in a Spanish style.  I think the smoothness of the wine would be a nice pairing to any bold spices without being overpowered by them.

While this wasn’t a life altering wine, it’s one that I’d certainly keep in mind when I’m looking for a Spanish wine to trust, and for the price it’s at least worth picking up for the silly little plastic bull on the bottle.

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