2011 8 Chains North Merlot

2011 8 Chains North Merlot

Varietal:  100% Merlot
Region: Loudon County, Virginia – USA
Cost:  $18

My Review:  Last weekend my wife and I, along with my parents, went and visited some wineries and vineyards in Loudon County, Virginia, also known as DC’s Wine Country (that post is coming next week). With several bottles in tow when we returned home (ok, it was a full case), my wife and I decided to open up one of the three bottles of 8 Chains North Merlot that we had brought home with us for dinner.

On the nose the wine showed pepper and cherry, which carried through into the mouth. The wine was dry with a medium body, but showed a smooth finish thanks to time in French and American oak.

Paired up with our dinner of steak the wine was fantastic, pairing perfecting with the meat and potatoes, complimenting them in the right spots, and subtling offering counter notes where appropriate. It was like a well choreographed dance really.

I’ve been sketchy on Merlot from anybody in the past, but the last few years have certainly changed my mind, in no small part because of what Virginia has been producing. This Merlot from 8 Chains North, in what many considered a down year for Virginia wine, is one more reason that I’m trying as many as I can get my hands on, and is a reason that I’m always happy to tout Virginia wine to anybody that will listen.

A great value and a great wine. Definitely one worth buying.

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