2012 Breaux Vineyards Rose’

2012 Breaux Vineyards Rose'

Varietal: 48% Merlot; 22% Syrah; 13% Malbec; 10% Cabernet Sauvignon; 7% Nebbiolo
Region:  Northern Virginia
Cost: $19

Winemaker’s Notes:  A bright, intense pink color with complex aromas of red berry, with floral notes coming from the Muscat lees. Red berries, especially strawberries and cherries, with wild cherry and hints of lavender and orange zest. Balanced palate with natural acidity, it is silky and luscious with a medium long finish.

My Review:  I don’t think I’m surprising anyone at this point when I say that when it comes to a Virginia summer, I’m very much pro-Rose’. Thankfully, the winemaker’s here in Virginia seem to be doing a great job of producing Rose’ that is both refreshing on a hot day, and great for pairing with food any time of the year. The 2012 Rose’ from Breaux Vineyards is no exception.

We picked up this bottle during a recent trip to Northern Virginia wineries with my parents. My wife and I had been there before, but I don’t remember them pouring a Rose’ that day, so I was glad that it was available this time around. The wine itself is a very dark pink – one could argue that’s it’s really a very light red in fact.

On the nose I found notes of red berry with just a hint of floral – not big  and in your face florals like I’d see in Viognier, but still just a lingering note that you could almost dismiss. In the mouth the wine was full of red fruit notes, with cherry being the most prominent to me.

The wine was dry and crisp with a respectable amount of body, while still clinging to being light and refreshing. Paired with food that included cheese and crackers on a Sunday, the wine was great. Easy to sip on when the food was gone, but versatile enough to go with a range of cheeses we had (cheddar, gouda, and a spicy queso spread).

Like I said at the beginning, it’s no surprise by this point that I’m a big fan of Rose’, particularly Virginia Rose’. Breaux’s 2012 wine is impressive, versatile, and a great value buy at under $20. Whether you go out to visit them (which I recommend), or find it in your store, it’s definitely worth grabbing for the summer or just any time of year.

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