2019 McIntyre Santa Lucia Highlands Rose’ of Pinot Noir

Image of a bottle of 2019 McIntyre Rose of Pinot Noir

Variety: Pinot Noir
Region: Santa Lucia Highlands, California
Cost: $12

My Review: It’s almost here–rose’ season. Ok, to be fair, we drink rose’ year round in this house, but once the mercury starts climbing up over 60 on the regular, there’s always a bottle chilling in the fridge that’s ready to be opened.

Which brings us to the 2019 McIntyre Rose’ of Pinot Noir. Picked up on my shopping spree during the Last Bottle Wines marathon sale, my wife and I decided to open the bottle during a warm evening after throwing some chicken kabobs on the grill. It was a good choice.

In the glass the wine was a deep, vibrant pink color (see the photo above to get a better idea). On the nose I got aromas of white peach and strawberry, both of which carried over to the palate. In the mouth the wine was juicy and refreshing, perfect on a warm day to both refresh and have you coming back for more.

Paired with the chicken kabobs, the juiciness of the wine and tart strawberry notes were a great balance to the spices we used on the kabobs, and a pairing that I would happily revisit as we move into the warmer months of the year.

This was easily one of my favorite wines that I picked up during the Marathon sale, and I wish I had purchased more than I had (I foolishly only grabbed a single bottle of it). If you see this on your local store shelves, you won’t regret grabbing a bottle.

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