2019 Quinta do Ameal Loureiro

Image of a bottle of 2019 Quina do Ameal Loureiro

Variety: 100% Loureiro
Region: DO Vinho Verde – Lima Sub-Region – Loureiro
Cost: $18 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Bright citrine in color, with an intense bouquet dominated by the citrus fruits and the floral aromas characteristic of the Loureiro grape variety. Vibrant and balanced on the palate with refreshing acidity that anticipates a good evolution.

My Review: I’ve been excited about getting to try some new wines this year, either from regions I was unfamiliar with or grapes that I’d never had or only had a small sampling of. I’ve had plenty of Vinho Verde over the years, but to be honest, most of it was the stuff you can find on any grocery shelf – refreshing, but not the best representation of the region or the grapes.

Getting to try the 2019 Quina do Ameal Loureiro, however, let me try a single variety Vinho Verde for likely the first time (a search through my notes didn’t show any others I had tried, but my notes get unreliable the further back I go).

In the glass the wine was a light yellow/gold in color. On the nose the wine was a bit funky at first (not in a spoiled wine way…just funky). This eventually gave way to soft citrus and white flower aromas.

In the mouth the wine was bright, vibrant, and refreshing, with flavors of soft citrus, gooseberry, crisp green apple, and a bit of tangy tartness on the finish with just enough acidity to keep it crisp.

This was a great sipper by itself, but my wife and I paired it with herb-crusted tilapia and asparagus, and the crisp citrus and acidity did a great job of balancing the meal out.

I really liked this wine, and at $18 it’s a good value for a great wine. It’s a great pairing for fish, but there’s enough acid (and low alcohol at 11% alc/vol) that I’d keep it in mind for your socially distanced Super Bowl party, since I think the flavors would be a good counter to some of the fatty, greasy treats that find their way to those types of parties.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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