Chateau St Jean Chardonnay

Chateau St Jean Chardonnay

Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: California – Sonoma County – USA
Cost: $14

Aromas of stone fruit with flavors of pear and sweet melon with a clean finish.  Pair with seafood or chicken.

Recommendations: Having set long enough in my wine fridge since coming back from California with my wife and I, this bottle of Chardonnay was finally opened this week to pair with a meal of ricotta and herb stuffed chicken.

A nice, slightly buttery flavor (thanks to 5 months in French and American oak), was a great final note to the flavors of pear and sweet melon.  That being said, even with the time in oak, the wine still exhibits a very clean, crisp finish after the buttery notes.

A great wine to pair with well-seasoned white meat or seafood, this is a great everyday white wine that’s good for just about any occasion and is priced for it as well.  A great one to pick up for dinner for two or a dinner party for a dozen people.

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