Domaine du Grand Chemin Vin de Pays Duche’ d’Uzes

Domaine du Grand Chemin Vin de Pays Duche d Uzes

Varietal: Grenache/Syrah
Region: France
Cost: $19.50

Aromas of ripe berries, black fruits, and white pepper with hints of herbs and spice.  Smooth on the palate with a tannic finish that pairs well with steak, fried chicken, pork, bbq, hamburgers, and pizza.  Easy to enjoy now or in another year or two.

Recommendations: I was excited when I got this bottle as I’m a fan of both of these varietals, and seeing them blended made me want to open up the bottle as soon as it was delivered to me.  I found the aromas to be subtle, but certainly caught the pepper and herbs.

The wine itself was very smooth, and for as dark as it was in the glass, I found it to be much lighter on the palate than I was expecting, while still giving off the earthiness that I find is typical of French wine.  The one thing that surprised me is that the finish of the wine had a bit of alcohol to it, which is surprising considering the wine is only 12.5% by volume – certainly not high.

Paired with a New York Strip and baked potato, the alcohol finish was easy masked and the earthiness of the wine was a great match to the juiciness of the red meat.  While I certainly don’t drink a lot of French wine, I really enjoyed this one and would certainly recommend it – especially if you’re a fan of Grenache of Syrah.

Special thanks to the International Wine of the Month Club for supplying the wine.

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    • I would suggest places like or checking with your local wine shop to see if they carry it or can at least order it for you. I received this as a sample from the International Wine of the Month Club ( and they may be able to sell you an individual bottle if you check with them. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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