Grilos Red Wine

Grilos Red Table Wine

Varietal: Red Table Wine
Region: Portugal
Cost: $15

Deep red color with just a hint of ripe fruit and alcohol on the nose.  Very smooth on the palate with a touch of oak and a mix of tannins and alcohol on the finish.

Recommendations: I had actually bought my father this wine for his birthday as his family is originally from Portugal, and this wine is actually imported into the town he grew up in (New Bedford, Mass.).  Not getting to enjoy it with him, but hearing that he and my mother liked it very much, the wife and I decided to pick up a bottle for ourselves.

The first thing I noticed after taking a sip of the wine was how smooth it was.  Just a hint of oak on the palate gave it just enough flavor, but it’s not bursting with flavor either.  A touch of tannin and alcohol on the finish is actually welcome, especially when paired with a sauce-heavy dinner of pasta like we had.  There’s a bit of fruit on the nose, though to be honest I couldn’t pinpoint it.

My only real complaint with this wine is that it may be too mellow for somebody that prefers their wine to have big, bold flavors.  If that’s what you’re in the market for, pass on this wine.  But, if you’re looking for a nice mellow red that you can pair with a lot of different things, this is definitely worth the $15 you’ll spend on it.

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