Lake Anna Totally Red

Varietal:  Red Table Wine (45% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Franc, 18% Tannat, 8% Touriga, 7% Chambourcin)
Region:  Virginia – USA
Cost:  $13

Very simple, straight forward table wine.  Lake Anna labels it as:  “No red cherries.  No spicy berries.  No toasty nuances.  No suggestive notes.”  Good for enjoying by itself or with a meal.  Great value for the price.

Recommendation:  I’m a big believer in the table wine, a wine that isn’t overly complex, but nice and simple that goes well with a simple meal and doesn’t cost much, and Lake Anna has been kind enough to supply us with one.  The Totally Red table wine from Lake Anna is perfect for anybody looking for a bottle of wine that will go great with steak, pasta, chicken, pork, appetizers, chili….I think you get the point.  As red table wines go, this definitely ranks as one of my top ranked ones, and is one that I am sure to continue to keep in my wine cellar, and that I recommend you do as well.  Enjoy.

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