2006 Rockbridge Tuscarora Red



Varietal:  Blended Red Table Wine – Chambourcin (55%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Pinot Noir (15%), DeChaunac (15%)

Region:  Virginia – USA

Cost:  $10

Tart, slightly fruit forward on the front end, with a peppery finish.  A lot of alochol on the nose (though only 13% by volume).  Very much in the style of an Italian red.


Recommendation:  I really like this wine, and it’s perfect as a red table wine.  There’s nothing fancy or elaborate about it, but it’s great with pasta or pizza given the dry, peppery finish to it.  This wine is great for those looking for a red table wine that they can also cook with when making red sauces, and for the price you can afford to cook with it without feeling guilty about it.  Perfect for those looking for a good red table wine to enjoy with a meal, but you might want to avoid this wine if you’re looking for something to enjoy by itself.

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