Paso A Paso La Mancha Tempranillo


Paso A Paso La Mancha Tempranillo
Paso A Paso La Mancha Tempranillo




Varietal:  Tempranillo
Region:  Spain
Cost:  $19.49

A dark red wine with aromas of bright berry and vanilla which are mimiced in the flavors of this wine.  The first sip will present berry and spice that will mellow as the wine is allowed to open up in either a decanter or in the glass.   Pairs well with red meat, pasta with red sauce, and traditional antipasta.

Recommendation:  If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that Spanish wine has this habit of finding its way into my wine selection, particularly Tempranillo.  There’s a good reason for that – it’s a great varietal.  This offering is no exception.  The first thing you’ll notice with this wine is the deep color with doesn’t let any light through.  You would think this would lend itself to a more robust wine, but in fact the Paso A Paso is very much a medium-bodied wine.

My wife and I paired this wine with a simple meal of wheat pasta and red sauce, which we mixed a bit of the wine in with.  The pairing of the bright berry and spice flavors with the rich pasta was a great mix, and was enjoyable even after we had finished our meal.

I can’t say for certain if this is my favorite Tempranillo, but I was definitely enamored of the deep color and bright flavors of this wine.  For the price point it’s a definitely worth picking up.

Special thanks to the International Wine of the Month Club.

Can’t find the Paso A Paso La Mancha Tempranillo near you?  Find it here.

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