Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz


Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz
Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz

Varietal:  Shiraz

Region:  Australia – South East

Cost:  $9.99 – $14.99


A nose featuring hints of spice and black fruit, this Australian red offers complex flavors.  A soft, velvety finish makes this a versatile wine.


Recommendations:  Australia’s take on the Syrah, this red wine is quickly becoming a favorite of many red wine drinkers thanks to its versatility.  Robust enough to not be overwhelmed by a meal, it’s also mellow enough to be enjoyed by itself.  The Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz is no exception.  Pairing well with food or consumed by itself, this is a great shiraz for both the long time shiraz lover, or for somebody that is looking to introduce themselves to the wine.  My one suggestion about this wine is to avoid drinking it a a restaurant simply for the mark-up that many eateries tend to have on this wine, otherwise, absolutely give this wine a shot.

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